There's a message in the noise. We find it.

Acta takes all the qualitative data you’ve collected, analyzes it, and delivers back key insights from your audience.

Acta for Government

We help governments figure out citizen needs.

Our approach analyzes language based on linguistic features, recurring trends, and relationships between comments to account for nuance in language that other natural-language processing (NLP) methods are unable to capture.

Broader Equitable Engagement

Increase your capacity to listen to all constituent voices and address the Squeaky Wheel Dilemma

Community Alignment

Ensure government programs, initiatives, and services are meeting real community needs and priorities

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Evaluate service delivery and performance based on real-time broad citizen feedback

Acta for Market Research

We help market researchers uncover the key drivers of consumer behavior.

We automate open-ended data analysis to increase profitability and client retention for mid-sized market research firms. Our approach analyzes language based on psychographic features, recurring trends, and relationships between comments to account for nuance in language that other natural-language processing (NLP) methods are unable to capture.

Decode Behavior

Uncover the underlying barriers and drivers of target consumer behavior that your clients didn't know

Enrich Client Action

Increase client retention by providing actionable insights they didn't have beforehand

Increase Profitability

Automating the coding of open-endeds significantly reduces labor costs for every project


Check The Benefits

Sentiment Analysis

Easily-Digestible Analysis

Data Integrations

Enhanced Segmentation

Automated Workflows

AI-Powered Textual Analysis

Social Listening

Pyschographic Profiles

Active Listening

Human-in-the-loop AI allows us to rapidly analyze open-ended input and provide unprecedented insight into the concerns, priorities, and emotions of your audience.

  • Find the trend-setters in the crowd of voices
  • Bring more people into the conversation by integrating several communication channels
  • Integrate your data streams from across your technology offerings to get a holistic view of organizational performance

Acta dives deeper into the underlying concerns, priorities, and emotions that drive constituent behavior.

Deep Understanding

By combining many disparate datasets with our machine-learning analysis, we offer best-in-class audience segmentation and depth of analysis.

  • Decode what people really care about
  • Understand what detractors care about and their key sticking points
  • Tap into your strongest supporters' nuanced concerns and priorities

Acta uncovers which pressing issues and challenges energize each of your audience segments. Go beyond the yes or no of a push-button poll. People don't form their opinions and habits as 1-10 slider scales.

Responsive Story-telling

By translating audience qualitative input into messaging prompts, we help you craft your communications with confidence.

  • Match the message to the individual
  • Eliminate the guesswork from your messaging
  • Enrich your messaging with real-world insights

Acta predicts which narratives will resonate most with each of your audience segments.




Our Leadership Team

Tai Huynh

Chief Executive Officer

Pavani Peri

Chief Impact Officer

Andrew McKinnon

Chief Technology Officer


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is natural-language processing?

    Natural Language Processing is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that enables computers to read, comprehend, and understand human language in a way that is valuable to organizations that want to understand human input and opinions at scale.

  • Qualitative data allows organizations to understand opinions, concerns, and priorities beyond what multiple choice questions can achieve. Qualitative, open-ended data allows people to candidly describe their experiences. This data then empowers organizations to address specific concerns and issues their constituents face. Opinions and lived experiences cannot be measured on a scale from 1-10.

  • A sample is representative when the breakdown of responses by demographic mirrors that of the constituency according to various factors including age, gender, location, race, etc.


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